Origin: Soviet Union
Prototype: maiden flight March 5,1958
  • in armament 1960-1992
  • based in USSR and East Germany
  • NATO reporting names: Brewer, Firebar ja Maestro
  • Jak-28 replaced Su-24
Crew: 2
Powerplant: 2x Tumansky R-11 turbojet engine with thrust á 46 kN, afterburning á 62 kN
  • max speed 1,840 km/h
  • ferry range 2,500 km
  • service ceiling 16,750 m
  • thrust / weight: 0.62
Weight: empty weight 9.97 t, max takeoff weight 20 t
Dimensions: length 21.6 m; wingspan 12.5 m, height 3.95 m, wing area 37.6 m2
Armament: air-to-air missilies, bombs
Versions: a number of versions: initially attack fighter, then reconnaissance, then electronic attack fighter, finally air defence fighter; number built 1,180
Operators: Soviet Union, Ukraine and Turkmenistan