Estonian Aviation Days 2019

Annual Estonian Aviation Days have become traditional, being a largest aviational event in the Baltics. Estonian Aviation Days 2019 will take place on 8.-9. June 2019. These Aviation Days are planned to celebrate the anniversaries “Republic of Estonia 100” and “Estonian Air Forces 100“. The event will take place on the territory of Estonian Aviation Museum and in the air above it. The main organizers will be Estonian Aviation Museum and Estonian Aviation Academy.

Among ohter things, a primary presentation of a GB air defence fighter, the first and up to now the last aircraft with variable-sweep wings  in the armament of EU states – PANAVIA TORNADO F3  is planned to be made. The crowd-pullers will be foreign aerobatic pilots performances, present will the NATO allies armored technique, introducing of the Estonian Air Force and the Estonian Defense League will take place. There will also be various attractions, interest flights and a culture programme.

Participants of Estonian Aviation Days 2019

Main organizers

Predictable flight programme participants

Primary presentations

  • Variable-sweep wings fighter Panavia Tornado F.3

Predictable exhibitors

Support Programme

  • UNIQ Event – Jumping into airbag and Gyroscope
  • Hot ropes trampolines
  • Children’s corner
  • Interest flights

Programme of Aviation Days

The list of participants will  be specified approximately by the beginning of May.
The indicative timetable will be specified about two weeks before the Aviation Days.

Aviation Days entrance fees:

  • general ticket for adults 15 €
  • pupils and high-school students  5 €
  • preschoolers free of charge
  • The Aviation Days tickets are also available in the roadside kiosks.
  • The Car Parking area is on the territory of Lange Moto Centre. Parking fee is 5 €. In the interest of service speed, please pay in cash.
    Please do not leave your arrival for the last minute, this would create too long car queues.


Supporters of Estonian Aviation Days 2019