Estonian Aviation Days 2022

Estonian Aviation Days 2022 will take place on June 11-12, 2022

By today the annual Estonian Aviation Days have become traditional, being a largest aviation event in the Baltics. Celebrations of Estonian Aviation Days started 17 years ago, the initiators having been all this time Estonian Aviation Museum and Estonian Aviation Academy. The most essential partners of this event of ever-increasing popularity have been the Estonian Air Forces and Police and Border Guard (PBGB) Flight Squadron, Tallinn Airport, as well as the aerobatic groups of a number of friendly states. The main performer of this year will be the Scandinavian Airshow. Keep an eye on . Information and news about Estonian Aviation Days 2022 will be added there in order of their occurrence.

 Participants of Estonian Aviation Days 2022

Main organizers

 Flight programme participants (being specified)

Presentations of the Aviation Museum exhibits

Expected exhibitors (being specified)

Support Programme

  • Trampolines
  • Catapult
  • Tower jumps
  • Merry-go-round for children
  • Children’s corner
  • Interest and pleasure flights – flights are performed by Aerocopter helicopter Robinson 44. (three seats, price  á 50 eur)

Preliminary Programme of Aviation Days on June 11th

9.30 Pilots briefing in VIP-hangar

10.00 The territory and exposition of the Aviation Museum will be opened for visitors
Payable pleasure and sightseeing flights start
The companies’ advertising boxes will be opened
Open are attractions, sales outlets and children’s corners

10.00 Demo flight of paragliders and motoparagliders

11.00 Demo flight by Jüri Kaljundi on a biplane Pitts S-2A

11.15 The main flight program begins

18.00 The territory of the Aviation Museum will be closed.

NB! The flight program and leisure flight options will be specified.

Preliminary Programme of Aviation Days on June 12th

Full overlap with the June 11 programme is planned.

NB! The programmes may be changed due to outside weather and other conditions

Aviation Days entrance fees:

  • general ticket for adults 15 €
  • schoolchildren  5 €
  • preschoolers free of charge
  • The Aviation Days tickets are also available in the roadside kiosks.
  • The Car Parking area is on the territory of Lange Moto Centre. In the interest of the speed of service the cars will be parked and then, together with buying the Aviation Days ticket, also the parking ticket (5 EUR) should be bought. The existence of the parking ticket will be checked on leaving the parking lot by car.The visitors are kindly asked not to leave their arrival for the last minute, which can lead to long queues of cars. In the interest of the speed of service please pay in cash, if possible.

Supporters of Estonian Aviation Days 2022