Estonian Aviation Days 2023

Estonian Aviation Days 2023 take place on June 17-18, 2023

Now already traditional annual Estonian Aviation Days is the largest aviational event in the Baltics. The Estonian Aviation Museum continues to be the initiator of the aviation days and the most important partners are the Estonian Air Force and the Estonian Aviation Academy.

Aviation Days information will be added on the ongoing basis during the organizing.

Participants of Estonian Aviation Days 2022

Main organizers

 Flight programme participants (being specified)

Participants in the ad booths (being specified)

Support Programme

  • Trampolines
  • Catapult
  • Tower jumps
  • Merry-go-round for children
  • Inflatable „Fortress“ – children’s corner

Preliminary Programme of Aviation Days on June 17th and June 18th

– The territory and exposition of the Aviation Museum will be opened for visitors. The companies’
advertising boxes will be opened.

– Open are attractions, sales outlets and children’s corners.

– The Defence League unit and an Allied battle group from Tapa are ready to welcome visitors.

10.00   Pilots briefing in VIP-hangar

10.30 First demo flights of paragliders and motoparagliders.

11.00 Demo flight by Jüri Kaljundi on a biplane Pitts S-2A.

11.30 SLK parachuters first jumps with Estonian tricolor.

12.00 Opening speech of the Aviation Days

Opening of Rauno Sirk’s bench

Introducing the Norwegian project

Presentation of the Aviation Museum’s new exhibits (MiG-23UB, S-200 complex,
snow rotor, etc.).

12.15 Flight of the Estonian Air Force helicopter R-44 with the Estonian tricolor.

12.30 Slackline world champion and Hollywood stuntman Tauri Vahesaar performs an air show
in the observation tower.

12.30 Scandinavian Airshow demo flight in formation.

13.00 Overflight of NATO Air Policing fighters.

13.15 Overflight of the Estonian Air Force M-28 transport aircraft.

13.30 Group performance of Flight Club KEELUTSOON wing-cover man+dog and parachute

13.45 Jurgis Kairys   solo aerobatic flight.

14.00 Gyrocopter demo flight.

14.30 Overflight of NATO Air Policing fighters

14.45 SLK parachuters second jumps.

15.00 Jacob Hollander’s solo aerobatic flight.

15.30 Gyrocopter second demo flight.

18.00 The territory of the Aviation Museum will be closed.


  1. We try to organize so that the flight schedule is as similar as possible on both days.
  2. It has been reported that on June 17th B-1B strategic bombers will perform an overflight.
  3. The plan is tentative because NATO planes are announced at the last minute.
  4. The flight control should be ensured at least between 12:00 and 16:00.

NB! The programme may be changed due to outside weather and other conditions

Aviation Days entrance fees:

  • general ticket for adults 20 €
  • schoolchildren  10 €, when presenting a card for large families, the ticket price for  schoolchildren is 5 €
  • preschoolers free of charge
  • disabled visitors free of charge
  • The Aviation Days tickets are also available in the roadside kiosks.

 The Car Parking area is on the territory of Lange Moto Centre. In the interest of the speed of service the cars will be parked and then, together with buying the Aviation Days ticket, also the parking ticket (5 EUR) should be bought. The existence of the parking ticket will be checked on leaving the parking lot by car.The visitors are kindly asked not to leave their arrival for the last minute, which can lead to long queues of cars. In the interest of the speed of service please pay in cash, if possible.


Supporters of Estonian Aviation Days 2023